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1937 Delage D8-120 Aérosport Coupe Series 2

One of the finest coach-built streamlined automobiles ever designed, the Delage D8-120 Aérosport Coupe was introduced at the Paris Salon in 1936. Only twelve of these cars were made before production was halted by the war in 1939. After extensive research, David Cooper concluded that this car, shown in a photograph taken outside the 1937 Paris Salon, was owned by Standard Oil Heiress Millicent Rogers. Cooper Technica is restoring the Aérosport to the highest standards of quality, accuracy and authenticity.

Here are links to two articles, and a link to a radio interview with David Cooper.

"An Iconic Automobile and the Style Icon Who Owned It", Chicago Art Deco Society Magazine, Spring 2012

Radio: Dick Gordon interviews David Cooper on NPR's "The Story", broadcast June 11, 2012. Direct link to .MP3 the_story_061112.mp3 (23Mb)

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