Current Projects - Cooper Technica Chicago

Vintage Land Rovers

For select clients, we restore vintage Land Rovers to the same high standards as our other cars. Our clients generally use their trucks, (some even daily) and expect to own them for decades. Typically we incorporate the best features of Series Land Rovers (1950-1973), making subtle improvements to meet current needs, while maintaining the character of the original design. In this way we avoid many of the common annoyances of older vintage vehicles. Here are some examples of vintage Land Rovers Cooper Technica has restored.

Rack System for Lotus Elise

Rack System for Lotus Elise was designed and patented by David Cooper, Terry Clark and John Stuart. It provides up to four hard mounting points outside the composite body shell, and can be used to hold bicycles, surf boards, skis, race tires or extra luggage. View Rack System for Lotus Elise.

Vintage Bicycles — David Cooper's Personal Collection

Hand-built bicycles reflect the same history as other fine hand-built mechanical goods. Bicycles reached a peak in the early post WWII period when talented artisans turned their attention away from war production as resources were limited and cars were in short supply. By the mid-1950's the development of new production technologies, like investment cast lugs, nearly ended the era of these custom bicycles. Still, a reduced handful of builders survived and continued to develop new ideas and designs. The bicycles in David Cooper's personal collection were all custom built by talented artisans and restored by Cooper with period components. Each was chosen for its unique features, wonderful craftsmanship, or unusual design. A handful of them are unrestored and in original condition. Here are some examples of David Cooper's bicycles.

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